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30 days of intermittent vegetarianism


Vegetarian oriented!!!!  

for the earth and me  

healthy lifestyle

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건강에 좋은 음식을 준비

1 week

​Create a vegetarian routine

​Explore my eating habits and design a healthy daily routine

​2nd week

Healthy pattern of three meals a day

​Repeating healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

포장 식사
토마토 수프

3 weeks

Healing food to heal chronic diseases

Explore the symptoms and constitution of the body and find the healing food that suits you

4 weeks

​Detox & Sustainability

Regular detox habits, finding balance in relationships, vegan lifestyle - zero waste, low carbon lifestyle

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 "Let's risk our lives to eat for just one month"

Those who want to participate in the 30-day intermittent vegetarian (vegan) program for the New Year  After making a deposit to the appropriate account, please submit the application below.

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